Proof Of Ownership

Displayed in your home, Office, or Gallery

Real-world Display Application for High End NFT Art

~Our high quality frames support your unique NFT Art~

We provide two frame sizes (32" and 10" TBLTP) that each come in four colors (Solid Black, Solid White, Mahogany, Birch)

Connect your wallet-> Choose your NFT Art-> Cast to display application

Show off your one of a kind artwork through verifiable ownership.

Easy Setup

Cast your NFT's through our mobile app

Our mobile app supported on Andoid and IOS devices supports user customization including control of artwork size, background color, various modes, and more. Sign into your web3 wallet via Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, or Portis. After connecting to Wifi, simply cast your NFT art.